Weather man with chart

RTE Meteorologist Checks Out Our Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Our journey with the Raspberry Pi weather station for schools has been well documented. To wrap up and celebrate our project we managed to organise a visit from Gerry Murphy, RTE meteorologist. He came into our school on the 19th of June 2017 to see the 6th class project work and to see the school’s Raspberry Pi Weather station. He had never heard of The Raspberry Pi Weather Station for…

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Raspberry Pi Weather Station for Schools – Part 3

Having painstakingly assembled the kit and successfully installed the hardware outside, our school’s Raspberry Pi Weather Station has now been diligently recording local weather information for the last number of months. Since then, it has been up to us to ensure its potential for enhancing teaching and learning experiences is maximised. Fortunately there is a wide variety of detailed lesson plans and activities provided in the education section of…

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BYOR not BYOB! DIY Robots

Subscribers to the TeachNet blog may remember some of my previous posts on code; To Code or Not to Code?, Cracking the Code & it’s creatively titled sequel Cracking the Code…Again?, all reflecting an the ever burgeoning curiosity among teachers and students around computer programming and becoming code literate. Be it the introductory Hour of Code Week, putting the Scratch Cat through his paces or building a Raspberry Pi Weather…

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