The Best Things in Life Are Free! Part 2

Last month in my post The Best Things in Life Are Free!, I highlighted how both teachers and students can download and install the full Office Suite (For both tablet and PC) for free once their school/academic institution has a valid volume license for Office 365 or Office Professional. In fact, even in the absence of the said license they can still avail of all the online office apps and…

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The Best Things in Life Are Free!

I’ll keep going and roll out all the clichés ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’, ‘You get what you pay for’, ‘Pay peanuts and you get monkeys’, I could go on… instead however, I just want to remind readers, that on occasion, you can indeed (legally) acquire valuable digital tools free gratis and an excellent illustration of same is Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office suite AKA Office 365. Whilst this…

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Earlier this year I introduced some students to blogging. They set up their blogs, wrote their first posts and started down the path of maintaining their blogs. A few weeks later when I asked how things were going, one student commented that she was still enjoying the process but felt that it was like ‘writing in a vacuum’ in that she was writing regular blog posts but not receiving many…

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