The BBC Micro:bit. A powerful tool for classroom coding

There has been a growing move towards the introduction of coding platforms and applications like Scratch and Hour of Code into our classrooms. Most teachers have by now, heard of and used these applications within their classes. In many schools there are students creating amazing projects during their school hours as well as in after school clubs. These tools are proven to help students develop an array of skills such…

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BETT 2016 – Some Reflections

BETT 2016 – Some Reflections A new year and many Irish educators made the trek to the BETT Show in London and it is a trek by the time you get to the Excel Arena, down in the Docklands. Though the 2016 show came to a close on January 23rd the organisers are already focused on next year and doing it all over again. Having been lucky enough to attend…

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