Classrooms of the Future?

“Technology has the power to transform how people learn – but walk into some classrooms and you could be forgiven for thinking you were entering a time warp. There will probably be a whiteboard instead of the traditional blackboard, and the children may be using laptops or tablets, but plenty of textbooks, pens and photocopied sheets are still likely and perhaps most strikingly, all desks will face forwards, with the…

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Digital Literacy Tools – Framing your Digital Literacy

Many principals and teachers find ICT integration a challenge and wonder where they might start in terms of identifying what knowledge and skills they possess and areas where they might develop their skills further.  There are a growing number of self-assessment tools available to educators that allow one to assess your ‘level’ of digital literacy skills in your own time or as part of a school wide initiative.  One such…

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The Digital Strategy for Schools

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) recently launched their Digital Strategy for Schools, 2015-2020; Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Assessment. This is the latest in a series of strategies and policy statements since December 1997 when the Department launched Schools IT2000. I have to declare up-front that I was involved the creation of both documents. So what is new, if anything, in this strategy This strategy is based on evidence…

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