Maths Eyes Poster Competition 2016

Maths Eyes is a superb resource for making full use of the local environment in numeracy development and one we’ve touched on a number of times previously on this blog. However, the primary purpose of this post is to highlight the rapidly approaching closing date for this year’s Maths Eyes Poster Competition, Friday November 25th so time’s tight to get those Maths Eyes out and get snapping… Maths Eyes has…

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ALM Forum banner

Opening Our Mathematical Eyes @ ALM

Adults Learning Mathematics is an international research forum which brings together practitioners and researchers from around the world who are involved in the mathematics education of adult learners at all levels.  The organisation through research and scholarly activity informs  international and national policy and practices to support all aspects of adult mathematics education. The 22nd International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM) “Opening Our Mathematical Eyes: Seeing Math in…

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