MindRising – 1916 & Mindcraft

Exploring the Rising through Minecraft MindRising Games, is a new and ambitious 1916 Digital Story-telling competition, for schools and youth groups acroos Ireland and beyond. Students are tasked to use Minecraft to tell the story of the island of Ireland, looking back to 1916 and projecting forward to 2116. The competition which launched yesterday at DCU, is a collaboration between MindRising, Microsoft and DCU Institute of Education. It aims to transform the teaching…

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Challenge Based Learning: Content Matters

A key concept of CBL is to use the internet to research topics and then use the results to make a digital media output for peer-to-peer sharing. While technology provides the tools, content is important as well. Digital content needs to be specifically designed for this approach to learning. The resource needs to be flexible enough to allow a variety of outcomes and styles of learning, and in particular to…

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