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Digital Competence Framework for Educators

Today’s digital world is creating new opportunities for teaching, learning and assessment and thus is placing new demands on teachers, at all levels, in our education system to embed digital technologies appropriately in their practices. We know from over 30 years of research that the presence of technology alone is not enough to transform teaching, learning and assessment practices. Teachers are the ones who will design and create the learning…

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Cracking the Code

I read with some surprise a recent article on Silicon Republic following European Code Week (codeweek.eu) which took place mid-October. As I’ve written previously in “To Code or Not to Code”, I’m a big advocate of getting students to grips with the basics of computer programming however going by the little anecdotal evidence  out there, I thought the numbers of schools coding were relatively small. That’s why I was pleasantly…

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Get Creative with EuroCreator

​EuroCreator is an educational initiative designed to encourage students and teachers throughout Europe to create at least one piece of media. The EuroCreator website provides a platform for students and teachers to share student created media such as videos, animation and music.  Students receive feedback and a signed certificate from the EU Commissioner. The website provides useful video exemplars and “how to” tutorials for teachers who have never before participated…

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