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Get Into CodeWeek 2020

EU Code Week 2020 is already in full flow, running from October 10th – 25th (Code Fortnight really!) and in the light of the current global health crisis, organisers are bringing more coding activities online and launching new, fun and engaging activities that you can join remotely at home or in school. To make it easier to take part in activities remotely a  live calendar of featured online activities is…

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EU Code Week 2019

As mooted by Paul in his post last week, EU Code Week 2019 is just around the corner, in fact it runs from October 5th – 20th (which makes it more of a Code Fortnight in reality!) and the organisers are expecting even greater participation from schools and to exceed the 2.7 million participants last time out. Crucially, no previous coding knowledge is required, just visit to search for…

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Cracking the Code

I read with some surprise a recent article on Silicon Republic following European Code Week ( which took place mid-October. As I’ve written previously in “To Code or Not to Code”, I’m a big advocate of getting students to grips with the basics of computer programming however going by the little anecdotal evidence  out there, I thought the numbers of schools coding were relatively small. That’s why I was pleasantly…

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