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BETT 2020 – The Future of Work and its Implication for Education

The annual pilgrimage to the BETT Show took place last week for many Irish educators and it was great to meet so many people involved in digital learning at the event.  This year saw a new layout and design and it certainly seemed more manageable and we had more space to move around.  As always there was lots to see and hear at the event.  While there was no major…

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BETT 2019 – Some Impressions

The 2019 BETT Show is over for another year and already the organisers are taking bookings for the January 2020 show. This year’s show was once again jam packed with companies and organisations involved in digital education.  As always there was much to see on the stands and at the various talks that were taking place all over BETT and beyond.  From speaking to colleagues there were many highlights at…

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BETT 2018 – Some Highlights

Once again, many Irish educators made the journey to the BETT Show in London last week. It was great to meet many old friends and to discuss the new possibilities for teaching, learning and assessment that they witnessed at the show. This year the show was once again dominated by the big players, Microsoft, Google and Intel but there were some very interesting displays focusing on STEAM and on new…

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BETT 17 – What were some of the highlights?

The BETT Show in London has been on the go for over 30 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how many people make the journey to see what is new in the world of ICT and education. This year there seemed to be an increased Irish presence with the announcement of funding for ICT in schools. This year’s show was notable in that it had some very…

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Classrooms of the Future?

“Technology has the power to transform how people learn – but walk into some classrooms and you could be forgiven for thinking you were entering a time warp. There will probably be a whiteboard instead of the traditional blackboard, and the children may be using laptops or tablets, but plenty of textbooks, pens and photocopied sheets are still likely and perhaps most strikingly, all desks will face forwards, with the…

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BETT 2016 – Some Reflections

BETT 2016 – Some Reflections A new year and many Irish educators made the trek to the BETT Show in London and it is a trek by the time you get to the Excel Arena, down in the Docklands. Though the 2016 show came to a close on January 23rd the organisers are already focused on next year and doing it all over again. Having been lucky enough to attend…

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What was your BETT highlight?

Having returned from my annual pilgrimage to the BETT Show I was asked by numerous people to share my BETT highlight. The show was dominated this year by a wide array of tablet devices, computer programming resources, data analytics and much more besides. Though it has moved down to the Excel arena it continues to attract teachers and vendors from all over the world. Though I found the exhibits and…

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BETT Show 2010

​Just last week I had the pleasure of attending the annual BETT Show in London for the first time. Initially I was overwhelmed by the sheer scale of this exhibition but once I got my bearings I quickly started to understand why BETT is so popular with educators worldwide and why it really is a must-go event for any teacher interested in embedding technology in teaching and learning. BETT (The…

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BETT 2009 – Check out MirandaNet

The BETT Show takes place in London between January 14th and 17th.  BETT is celebrating 25 years of existence this year and is a must visit for anyone who is interested in learning about how ICT is being integrated into teaching, learning and assessment. Many first timers find the show daunting and it is as well to plan your trip by visiting the show website in advance,  Here you…

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