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Interview with Dr Joan Henderson of educational charity Sólas

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In our latest podcast, host Michael Hallissy speaks with Dr Joan Henderson of Sólas, an educational charity based in Northern Ireland, to talk about a powerful new podcasting service they recently developed for primary and secondary students both North & South.

School podcast is a new safe web facility which allows children to plan, research and create podcasts on any aspect of the curriculum, edit, and upload these podcasts to their dedicated school page on www.schoolpodcast.org. Currently the School Podcast service is available for £300 per school, (depending on the size of the school), and this yearly fee includes set up, licence, one full days training on photostory and audacity as well as training on uploading podcasts to the site and back up support. An Irish language version of School podcast is also available at www.tonnta.org

Tune in to learn more about this innovative new service for schools and check out www.schoolpodcast.org for some great examples of how children can use podcasting right across the curriculum.

If you are interested in signing up please visit www.schoolpodcast.org/Home/Join or contact, joan@tonnta.org, mary@schoolpodcast.org or info@schoolpodcast.org

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