Sailor on Ice: Historical Podcast Drama


Last year on the TeachNet Blog we highlighted the first episode of a new historical audio drama series on the life of Irish explorer Tom Crean and now episode two is available for download. Based upon real events, ‘Tom Crean: Sailor on Ice’ is an original audio drama of Tom Crean’s Antarctic Adventures, based upon Maritime Author and Poet David Hirzel’s research. In episode two the ship settles in for the winter, but disaster looms as two men go missing on the ice. With the coming of spring, Tom and the other sailors take up the traces and dare glaciers and crevasses.

This historical podcast series has been developed by Imagination Lane Audio Productions, primarily to spark an interest in history for all ages through the medium of audio drama. Not everyone has the time to sit and watch a film, or delve through somewhat dull history books, and thus podcasts are a perfect solution. The shows offered do not always portray exact detail and are meant rather to inspire an overall interest in the time period.
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