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Adults Learning Mathematics logoAdults Learning Mathematics is an international research forum which brings together practitioners and researchers from around the world who are involved in the mathematics education of adult learners at all levels.  The organisation through research and scholarly activity informs  international and national policy and practices to support all aspects of adult mathematics education.

The 22nd International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM) “Opening Our Mathematical Eyes: Seeing Math in Everything We Do” will be hosted by the American Institutes for Research in Washington DC, July 12 – 15, 2015. Previously this conference was hosted by ITT Tallaght in 2011 coinciding with their successful ‘Looking at Tallaght with Maths Eyes’ project. This on-going project and accompanying website will be further showcased at this year’s event stateside.

2015 Conference Agenda

International thought leaders in numeracy/mathematics will convene around key discussion topics, including the following:

(1)    Adult numeracy concepts, theories, and practice

(2)    Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM)

(3)    Numeracy and diversity

(4)    Numeracy and literacy

(5)    Numeracy and the workforce

Have You Got Maths Eyes logoTraditional methods of mathematics teaching and learning have resulted in a maturing population who do not appreciate the mathematics they use in their everyday lives. These ‘everyday’ mathematics skills often involve the use of complicated mathematical ideas and techniques. However, many people often consider the mathematics they can do as ‘common sense’ and the tasks they can’t do as ‘mathematics’. By developing our Maths Eyes individuals discover the mathematics that surround us and that we use every day.

For more information, events and practical resources for Parents, Students, Tutors and Teachers who would like to support and help others to develop their maths eyes see

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  • Howard Fleming

    November 4, 2015, 1:24 pm

    Who do you contact to be a presenter for 2016 in Ireland

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