New Book ‘ICTs in the Primary School’ Published


Last Monday marked the publication of a unique publication. ‘ICTs in the Primary School: teaching and learning for the 21st century’. This excellent publication is the brainchild of school Principal Robbie O’Leary, and the ICT coordinator in the same school, John O’Mahony. The school, Sacred Heart S.N.S., Killinarden, Tallaght is well known for its use of ICTs, and has been the source of many different technology initiatives over the last fifteen years.

The first part of the book, written by Robbie and John, provides a range of practical advice and strategies for teachers, and those who aspire to be teachers, at whatever level of ICT competence they may be, to implement modern technologies to support teaching and learning in their schools. The first two chapters provide a theoretical framework for the succeeding chapters, drawing on the results of international research and linking the content to the Irish context. The remaining chapters provide a detailed and comprehensive examination of how the use of ICTs can be of great benefit to Irish primary school pupils and their teachers, from the most basic reinforcement programs, up to and including programming applications for children.

Section Two presents a selection of papers, from twelve guest authors, all of whom have made very substantial individual contributions, in a wide range of areas, to the development of ICTs in Irish education. Encompassing both practical and theoretical ideas, these additional chapters  provide a unique insight into many of the most relevant issues in Irish education today (and tomorrow), suggesting areas for further investigation in many cases, and which will be of great interest to teachers and trainee teachers of all ages. All in all, this book is jam-packed with information, suggestions and tips, and will have relevance for teachers of all levels of expertise and interest. Significantly, funding has been provided by the Department of Education & Skills and the National Centre for Technology in Education to provide one copy of this book for every primary school in Ireland. Additional copies may be acquired from Dublin West Education Centre, 01 4528000.

Look out for a new podcast with co-author Robbie O’Leary on this practical reference guide for ICT integration in primary schools, coming soon to the TeachNet Learning Blog.

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