Need a Hand with the Hour of Code?

Has your school always wanted to explore computer coding but just didn’t know where to start? Good news…DCU’s Institute of Education, St Patrick’s Campus, Drumcondra is currently offering a helping hand with Hour of Code 2019. They would like to invite your school to take part in the DCU Hour of Code project with preservice teachers who are in the final year of the B.Ed programme. Although the campus is in Dublin their students come from all over Ireland so are hoping that they can facilitate this Hour of Code in their local schools

Students will be assigned to facilitate an Hour of Code in your school with a class group from 2nd to 6th class during the months of November or December 2019. The student will arrange a time with the Principal and class teacher that is convenient to come into the school and work with the class for an hour. They will require access to a computer connected to a projector. If your school has laptops or tablets the pupils could use these too but they are not necessary as the Hour of Code can be facilitated with just a single computer with projection facilities.

Why should your school participate?

  • The class will receive an Hour of Code Certificate to recognise their participation.
  • Classes completing the Hour of Code will be eligible to enter into the draw to visit the Microsoft DreamSpace including €500 towards bus hire.
  • Coding is now a key aspect of STEM Education in primary schools. The Hour of Code supports your school in the implementation of the STEM Education Policy.
  • Participating in the Hour of Code may help your school in working towards being Highly Effective in the Learner Experiences Domain as set out in the Digital Learning Framework.
  • The Hour of Code can be included as evidence for the SFI Discover Science and Maths Award.
  • Your school is providing an opportunity for a future teacher to give something back to the schools for all the times they have hosted student teachers for school placements.

If you would like to participate in this Hour of Code with our students, please register your interest at For more information please see their Information for Schools page…

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