Nano in My Life

clip_image001During Science Week, CRANN, based in Trinity College Dublin, has announced the launch of an innovative educational package, ‘Nano in My Life’. The package will introduce Transition Year and Senior Cycle students to nanoscience, the study of materials at very tiny dimensions, which is set to become part of the proposed new Leaving Certificate syllabi.

The ‘Nano in My Life’ package, for the first time, will bring nanoscience – an area of research at which Ireland excels and which is a key enabler for innovation and economic growth – to the Irish classroom. It will encourage students to relate science subjects to innovative careers, with exciting and challenging applications. There are seven modules, each using a range of teaching and learning approaches, including video captured at CRANN, designed to engage students and encourage active learning.

Along with the launch of the ‘Nano in My Life’ package, CRANN has announced a national poster competition open to senior cycle students in association with the Irish Science Teachers’ Association (ISTA). Competition entrants will be asked to depict a new product involving nanotechnology using the information they have learnt from ‘Nano in My Life’, thus linking scientific research with innovative applications.

To apply for the package and for more information on the competition, contact or visit the Project website @…

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