MindRising – 1916 & Mindcraft

Exploring the Rising through Minecraft
MindRising Games, is a new and ambitious 1916 Digital Story-telling competition, for schools and youth groups acroos Ireland and beyond. Students are tasked to use Minecraft to tell the story of the island of Ireland, looking back to 1916 and projecting forward to 2116.
The competition which launched yesterday at DCU, is a collaboration between MindRising, Microsoft and DCU Institute of Education. It aims to transform the teaching of history in schools, using Minecraft, design thinking, digital storytelling and games based learning to enrich the learning experience for students.
Students will be challenged to use their digital story-telling skills and imagination to explore and investigate the past 100 years and imagine what the next century could bring.
Entrants can tell a story along 3 story paths…
  1. “the past”Pupils from Scoil Mhobie, Glasnevin at The MindRising Games launch
  2. “the future”
  3. “the journey” from past to future.
Recognising the potential of digital technologies to transform teaching, learning and assessment, the MindRising team has built a Minecraft toolkit which aims to enable teachers to transform the design of learning activities for their students with sample lesson plans, tools and suggested teaching content.
Openness and sharing are a key feature of the Games, which has already received pre-launch entries from as far afield as Australia, Israel, Alaska and Malta.   Entrants are encouraged to publish and share their work including video snippets, audio recordings, Minecraft builds, eBooks, pictures, photos, Sway scrapbooks and anything else they create.
The MindRising Games are focused on helping students develop a range of key skills to participate fully and to flourish in today’s globally connected world.  These skills include the ability to communicate skilfully, collaborate effectively, problem-solve, innovate and construct new knowledge over the course of their lifetime.
DCU Institute of Education and Microsoft are keen supporters and partners of the MindRising 2016 initiative as it embeds the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning as advocated by the recently launched Digital Strategy for Schools.
For more on MindRising see mindrising.ie & @mindrising16
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