Maths Eyes Poster Competition 2016

Maths Eyes logoMaths Eyes is a superb resource for making full use of the local environment in numeracy development and one we’ve touched on a number of times previously on this blog. However, the primary purpose of this post is to highlight the rapidly approaching closing date for this year’s Maths Eyes Poster Competition, Friday November 25th so time’s tight to get those Maths Eyes out and get snapping…

Maths Eyes has been around for over five years now and it aims to change the common view of mathematics as being something everyone does in school.  The key message is both simple and powerful, maths is all around us, in almost every facet of life, we just need to open our (Maths) eyes to see it, making numeracy more real and meaningful. To support this aim, the Have you Got Maths Eyes website gives teachers, parents and pupils a plethora of quality resources to further develop their maths eyes, including poster packs, resources for maths activities and extension activitities.

For this year’s Poster Competition, entrants are tasked with creating a Maths Eyes style poster using a photograph taken in their local area and an accompanying tagline highlighting the mathematics that they have seen in the photo using their maths eyes. For more information, including past winning entries, steps involved and downloadable templates see the Poster Competition homepage or watch the video below. Remember, closing date for entries is just a fortnight away!

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