Literacy Activity Builder

clip_image001Literacy Activity Builder from Blackcat Software ( is a superb package that enables teachers to produce their own interactive curriculum resources, particularly suitable for use with an Interactive Whiteboard. The software provides nine different activity templates, including multiple-choice, gap fill, ordering, punctuation, sorting activities and word searches. Activity generation is wizard driven and there are various colourful skins that can be applied for visual impact. The finished activity can be exported in various formats including, html (Flash based), .exe and SCORM compliant so activities can be used independent of the software.

LAB isn’t of course without its faults most notably restricted copy and paste functionality, limited clipart selection (Though importing your own images is a relatively painless process) and a major problem rendering HTML generated files in any other browser outside Internet Explorer.

Despite these drawbacks LAB comes highly recommended and is a must for any teacher who wishes exploit the teaching and learning possibilities of Interactive Whiteboards beyond the supplied proprietary whiteboard software, enabling the creation of custom designed engaging activities easily and quickly. In fact LAB is so user-friendly that pupils will easily master and generate their own activities.

Other similar and powerful content generators from the BlackCat stable worth considering include Numeracy Activity Builder and their latest offering Science Activity Builder.

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