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Dublinia’s Viking and Medieval Dublin Online Learning Project

Dublinia, the heritage and learning centre at Christ Church has long since been a must see for both locals and visitors including a top destination for many a school outing. Of course as the tour season rapidly approaches I’m sure some of you have already earmarked (if not already booked) this iconic educational exhibit. However whether Dublinia is on your itinerary this year or not, you can now experience Dublin City’s Viking and Medieval history virtually.

Dublinia first opened it’s doors 23 years ago as a result of the work of The Medieval Trust, with the principal objectives of research, education and the dissemination of information on Dublin City’s archaeology, Viking and Medieval history. Since then it has been educating (And entertaining) countless visitors on this rich and fascinating era of  Dublin’s history, spanning 700 years. Currently there are are four exhibitions, The Viking Dublin exhibition, the Medieval Dublin exhibition, the History Hunters exhibition and the St Michael’s Tower exhibition.

Video screenshot

Screenshot of one of the many interactive videos available online

To compliment and enhance these exhibits a comprehensive interactive online  learning resource has recently gone live @ This new (and free) learning tool, developed in partnership with Dublin City Council, and in association with the Heritage Council/Irish Walled Towns Network, Scoilnet and NoHo, aims to bring history and heritage to life at home and in school. It also sees the video learning project first developed by Dublin City Council between 2006-2009 for DVD brought to wider audiences via Dublinia’s website.

There’s a vast amount of content available online, with three sections on the Vikings, and five on the Anglo Normans including nine audio visual animations with interactives on nine historical sites in Dublin. In addition to these excellent interactive videos there are numerous quizzes and a superb interactive Dublin map with clickable hotspots and a time-travelling scroll bar. This enables visitors to scroll through the Dublin landscape visually and see how the city has evolved from 800AD to 1500AD, as well as present day rollover view. Whilst the resource is ideal for project work and discovery it has also been optimised for teacher led learning via  the classroom interactive whiteboard.

Interactive map screenshot

Interactive Dublin map with clickable hot-spots and time-travelling scroll bar!

We often bemoan the lack of indigenous digital content created specifically for the Irish curriculum and this brilliant resource only strengthens the argument that more of the same should be properly resourced and developed. Genuine kudos to all those involved in its creation…


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