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clip_image001The phase ‘The Global Classroom’ has been bandied about since the early days of the World Wide Web and now with the emergence of Web 2.0 technologies the possibilities for classroom collaboration on a global scale are even more tantalising. However from the simplest email exchange to intricate blogging and wiki collaborations, teachers need a secure, monitored and reliable portal to get the ball rolling.

For those looking to engage pupils collaboratively for the first time the ePals portal is the ideal starting point, empowering participants to explore cultural diversity, exploit communicative abilities and develop ICT skills in the process. Boasting participants in over 200 countries, finding partners with similar interests and goals shouldn’t be a problem either.

Getting started is simple just sign up an ePals account, submit a short classroom profile and you’re ready to collaborate. The sites ‘Connect’ facility enables a detailed search by Classroom, Map or Project of the online database and ensures only classrooms with similar interests are returned. On registration with ePals a free web-mail account is automatically set up with the option to set up teacher-moderated accounts for every pupil in a class, which can be easily configured to filter suspicious attachments and profanity with supervision of every message sent and received. This is particularly useful for reviewing individual pupil’s exchanges with all communications routed through the teacher’s inbox. For those wanting to explore communication possibilities beyond email exchanges, ePals also has a dedicated ‘SchoolBlog’ service, offering a secure and highly customisable collaborative blogging platform.

Considering these services and more, are freely available onsite to all teachers and students, there’s no excuse, its time to get the classroom connected!

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