Discovery Education Classroom Resources

clip_image001An essential bookmark for all teachers, the Classroom Resources section of Discovery Education’s vast portal offer a plethora of free tools designed to optimise teachers  use of the internet in the classroom, providing lesson plans, clipart, puzzle makers, worksheet generators and other quality resources to enhance the curriculum in one location.

The Classroom Resources section is very well organised and easy to navigate with resources divided into seven sub categories, Puzzle Maker, Lesson Plan Library, Kathy Schrock’s Guide, Fun Tools, Science Fair Central, New Teacher and Contests & Grants. Probably most relevant for Irish Teachers are Puzzlemaker (Covered previously on the TeachNet blog…more) and Fun Tools though Kathy Schrock’s Guide is an authoritive (Though US focused) internet resource for teaching and learning. My own personal favourite is the Clipart Gallery, offering a comprehensive selection of relevant graphics, including black & white, colour and animations, guaranteed to add the finishing touch to every imaginable classroom publication or school website. Also well worth looking at in this section are Brain Boosters and Worksheets to Go. However if you want to create customised printable activity sheets for all occasions, Puzzlemaker has the tool for the job, offering a step by step guide for creating a multitude of puzzles, including wordseaches, crosswords, crytograms and math squares using your own wordlists or numbers.

Understandably there’s a noticeable American bias across much of the site but as much content can be customised for individual classroom use, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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