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The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is exploring the issue of curriculum overload. A short-term response to the issue is to make the current curriculum content objectives more accessible and navigable for teachers.

To date, NCCA has developed eleven different sets of curriculum re-presentation materials. These have focused on English, Gaeilge, Mathematics and Science. You can, for example, view the content objectives from Junior Infants-Second class for a strand unit in Science on one page. The English strand units have been set aside and the objectives have been grouped according to user-friendly headings such as story, poetry, questioning. There is also a curriculum overview wall-chart that teachers have indicated is very useful for whole school planning.

In the case of Mathematics the materials include ‘bridging materials.’ These include a content document that shows how the maths strands and strand units in fifth and sixth class are continued into first year in post-primary, as well as a mathematical glossary to promote the common use of terminology in both primary and post-primary schools.

The support materials that have been developed have been very well-received by those teachers who have used them. Multi-grade teachers in particular have reported that they found them to be very helpful for planning.

NCCA would welcome your feedback on the re-presented curriculum via a short online survey before the end of June. Your feedback will be used to further develop the curriculum materials to meet your needs and to help the NCCA respond in a meaningful way to the reported challenge of overload.

The link to the survey is available at:

Tá leagan Gaeilge den suirbhé ar fáil ar:

Please view or download the materials at

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