Emulating Social Interactions Online: A simple idea!

Relationship Building Relational development can be considered a vital component of effective teaching and learning, indeed one that has an impact on learners’ motivation and achievement (Niemi & Hotulainen, 2015). Some argue these relations are built through positive social interactions with peers (Cemalcilar, 2010). However, moving to online learning has reduced the opportunities for learners to interact on a social level, so how are these valuable interactions among learners being…

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OneNote- The whiteboard that is never rubbed out!

Microsoft OneNote is a digital note taking application. Teachers can use it to add lesson content, store files, set homework and groupwork or use it as a digital whiteboard. OneNote makes lesson content much more engaging for students and acts as a digital library for a class. I would describe OneNote as the whiteboard that is never rubbed out! Students can access exactly what a teacher has wrote on the…

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Blended Learning – What is Your Unique Blend?

We recently passed the 1 year anniversary when education moved online. During the past 12 months schools, further education and training organizations and higher education has moved to a remote instruction model. With learners, of all ages, now returning to education it is time to look ahead and consider what comes next, After Covid. While many educators and learners struggled with remote instruction, there is evidence that others flourished with…

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Science Blast banner

Science Blast Goes Virtual in 2021

As with so many things in this new reality we find ourselves in, ESB Science Blast is moving online for 2021. Whilst going virtual is a necessity in this pandemic, organisers expect the move will increase participation among 8-12 year olds as content and resources will be more accessible and will engage your entire class with STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) interactively…If your teaching a cohort in this age…

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Socrative v Kahoot – A Comparison

Formative assessment through the means of digital technology has become very popular in recent times, and has been accentuated by the move to remote / blended learning in the Covid-19 context. Kahoot and Socrative are two of the most popular formative assessment applications. This blog post will look at the pros and cons of the two platforms, before recommending how each could be used in the classroom context. Kahoot! The…

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Have you tried podcasting with your class?

Podcasts are something we have become accustomed to over the past few years. Whether it be listening to Tommy and Hector giggling about school life antics or something more serious like an episode from Doc on One, podcasts have become mainstream entertainment for many people. The big question is: can we use podcasts in our classroom and if so what is the best way to do it? Let’s start by…

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Nearpod, UDL and assessment- the perfect combo?

A perfect combination? Is there ever such a thing! What I’m here to tell you is that a particular tool that I’ve tried out, Nearpod, addresses some of the principles of universal design for learning and can be used as a tool for assessment. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but I’m here to show you what some of the benefits are of trying it out and give you some of…

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Find Your Blend with TeachNet CPD

As school’s stagger their return this March from another enforced emergency remote learning hiatus where teachers at all levels had to grapple with adapting their face-to-face teaching to fully online, again. it’s hard to predict with any certainty what lies ahead for schools in the short-term. However, longer-term there is an expectation that traditional face-to-face learning alone will no longer suffice post Covid and a more blended form of teaching…

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Loom: Say it With Video

During this current lockdown it has been difficult finding simple and accessible technology that teachers can use to make online learning interesting and meaningful for their children. One of the products that our Deis School used very successfully over the last 7 weeks or so has been Loom. Loom is a simple and useful tool that allows teachers to create pre-recorded video content for online and remote learning. It is free,…

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CrumbleBot: A Fun Way To Introduce Coding and Robotics at Primary Level

We have previously used the Microbit to introduce coding and Robotics to our senior classes. However, this year we decided to try something similar but different and this is how I stumbled upon the Crumblebot.The CrumbleBot is an enjoyable and effective way to introduce coding and robotics to children of all ages, and especially primary school children. It provides a ready-built platform to experiment safely and easily with analog and…

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