Choosing a tool: It all starts with Why?

We have all witnessed over the past 20 months the huge increase in the number of tools, apps, and platforms available to support learning and teaching in the classroom, whether virtual or in the return to the face-to-of face environment. Some of us were aware of these tools beforehand, but perhaps didn’t really see or feel the need to use them in our face-to-face teaching. They may have been more…

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Nearpod, UDL and assessment- the perfect combo?

A perfect combination? Is there ever such a thing! What I’m here to tell you is that a particular tool that I’ve tried out, Nearpod, addresses some of the principles of universal design for learning and can be used as a tool for assessment. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but I’m here to show you what some of the benefits are of trying it out and give you some of…

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