An Online Introduction to Photography from SOURCE

clip_image002‘An Online Introduction to Photography’ is for 16 – 18 year olds students studying Art and Design or Media Studies and has been developed in consultation with art teachers who teach this age group. The project aims to increase student’s critical awareness of how photographic images are used in society and the variety of strategies that photographers use to produce work. Three themes are covered:‘Portraiture and the human form’, ‘Landscape’ and ‘Documentary and narrative’. Each of these areas is discussed in relation to photographs produced by individual photographers. Each topic includes a list of potential starting points for classroom discussions, and activities.The material will be of use to students researching individual artists work as background to their own projects. The full project is available free online on the Source web site

The Source web site ( also contains over 10,000 pages made up of individual photographer’s images, photographic exhibition and book reviews, articles on various aspects of photographic culture from police archives through to discussions of advertising images.

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