STEM – New Plan on its way

Towards a STEM Education Policy Statement and Implementation Plan for Schools The Department of Education and Skills are currently developing a STEM Education Policy Statement and Implementation Plan for Schools. The Department’s work in this area is being informed by the STEM Education in the Irish School System report. The report contains 47 suggested actions that the Department should undertake to enhance the STEM learning in schools. One chapter of…

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Raspberry Pi Weather Station for Schools – Part 3

Having painstakingly assembled the kit and successfully installed the hardware outside, our school’s Raspberry Pi Weather Station has now been diligently recording local weather information for the last number of months. Since then, it has been up to us to ensure its potential for enhancing teaching and learning experiences is maximised. Fortunately there is a wide variety of detailed lesson plans and activities provided in the education section of…

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Educational Robotics in Italian Schools

Earlier this month I was on an Erasmus+ visit to our partner school I.C. Toniola in Pisa who are one of the three Italian schools in “Our Digital Journey in Europe” project. Schools in Italy like here at home in Ireland, are also embarking on a new Digital Strategy in education. During the visit I had an opportunity to visit a number of classrooms in the primary school and the…

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Drug Education Resources

Drug education and prevention remains a challenging area of the school curriculum; beyond programmes such as Walk Tall it can be a delicate tightrope walk between what can sometimes appear as scare tactics (drugs = death) to an information based approach (here are the facts = make an informed choice). Few would argue against the premise that we should equip each generation with the skills, knowledge and resilience to make…

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DigiComp web banner

Digital Competence Framework for Educators

Today’s digital world is creating new opportunities for teaching, learning and assessment and thus is placing new demands on teachers, at all levels, in our education system to embed digital technologies appropriately in their practices. We know from over 30 years of research that the presence of technology alone is not enough to transform teaching, learning and assessment practices. Teachers are the ones who will design and create the learning…

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TeachNet CPD banner

New Summer Courses Enrolling Now!

For Summer 2017, TeachNet are delighted to announce two new courses, ‘Making Sense of Minecraft for Education’ and ‘Enhancing 21st Skills using Microsoft Tools’. Designed in association with Microsoft Education these two new blended (Face-to-face and online) courses aim to assist you and your school futher embed ICTs into teaching and learning and develop “21st Century Skills” using cutting-edge tools and services. Face-to face workshops: July 3rd- 5th – Microsoft, Sandyford, Dublin Online: July 6th to August…

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ClassFlow – Version 5

We have been following Promethean’s progress with their online cloud based Lesson creation and delivery programme ClassFlow for some time now. About 12 months ago we looked at some of the new features they had introduced in ClassFlow Version 4 – introduction of the Marketplace for finding resources, Rewards badges for rewarding students badges for good behaviour and work, a facility for teachers and or students to Collaborate on lessons…

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School ICT Planning

Earlier this year I participated in a European Schoolnet online course on administering a school ICT infrastructure. The course presented information about current practices and new developments to schools ICT administrators. The course content was divided into the following topics: 1: Optimising the school network 2: Wireless Networking and Bring your own device 3: Cloud models and services 4: Securing networks and Digital safety 5: Effective ICT administrator 6: New tools and services Badges…

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Teachers with Raspberry Pi boards cartoon

The Raspberry Pi – The Digital Swiss Army Knife

As mentioned previously, we have been dabbling with Raspberry Pi computers since 2014. To those unfamiliar with these little gems, a Raspberry Pi is a very affordable, single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools. Initially we looked at how we could use them to help children in senior classes learn programming and based much of the…

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All Aboard metro map

All Aboard 2017 Week

The Teaching and Learning Forum are running the All Aboard 2017 Week from April 3rd to 7th. If you are using digital technology with your learners during the week visit their site and register your event. The All Aboard site states the following: What is All Aboard 2017? An initiative being co-run by The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Ireland’s higher education…

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