Introducing the GoPiGo

In a previous post I mentioned that our school had just taken delivery of a GoPiGo and promised to keep you posted on our journey, and just last week, the cling-wrap was removed and the exploration began. We sourced our GoPiGo base kit from ModMyPi in the UK and  this kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a robot body, motors, controls, and a power battery pack.…

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Educator Community banner

The Educator Community – Be Part of It!

With the return to the classroom a month or so on, I hope life at the chalk face is returning to some sort of normality for readers after the unavoidable chaos of the first few weeks. With timetables, planning, yard duty rosters and the like, done and dusted, maybe now is the time to take a fresh look at the technology at your disposal and flesh out some new ideas…

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ConneXions – French & Irish Culture meet Digital Technology

Next weekend sees a unique event, Connexions, taking place in Richmond Barracks in Dublin. ConneXions is the first forum to connect actors from culture, education and digital technology from Ireland and France and to allow them to develop new partnerships, business opportunities and innovative projects. The event kicks off in Dublin next Friday, September 29th, with a Hackathon. Teams will compete to solve of the following challenges. Challenge #1: Getting…

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My iPad & Swift Playgrounds = Obsolete!

My iPad is an iPad 3; the battery life is still pretty good and the touch sensitive display has no dead zones. All the hardware buttons such as volume control and home button still function correctly and there are no dead pixels on the screen. It works really well and I can’t remember ever having an app crash on it! I kinda knew it was on the slippery slope to…

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Weather man with chart

RTE Meteorologist Checks Out Our Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Our journey with the Raspberry Pi weather station for schools has been well documented. To wrap up and celebrate our project we managed to organise a visit from Gerry Murphy, RTE meteorologist. He came into our school on the 19th of June 2017 to see the 6th class project work and to see the school’s Raspberry Pi Weather station. He had never heard of The Raspberry Pi Weather Station for…

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Educational Robotics in Italian Schools

Earlier this month I was on an Erasmus+ visit to our partner school I.C. Toniola in Pisa who are one of the three Italian schools in “Our Digital Journey in Europe” project. Schools in Italy like here at home in Ireland, are also embarking on a new Digital Strategy in education. During the visit I had an opportunity to visit a number of classrooms in the primary school and the…

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